‘Unfair attack’ on trustee

I am not Joe Cerrie’s attorney but I have been his friend since grade school.

I have decided to comment on this article because, if I was ever in trouble, I would hope that my friends would rise to defend me from an unfair attack.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

To this point, I have not taken issue with the news coverage of the Cerrie matter. He is a public figure and this is fair game.

However, today’s story is not news. It is a rehashing and repeating of old and available information and, frankly, only seems consistent with someone trying to harm Joe personally, professionally and politically.

I understand and appreciate that there is a fine line at issue, and I am never in favor of hiding the truth from the public, but this article does not reveal secrets or truth at this late date, so many months later. It is simply designed to punish Joe, to harm Joe, and that is wrong.

Every bit of this information was available months ago, but is only being run now after an anonymous person dropped a police report off to the newspaper?

Who would be motivated to do that? Why would anyone participate in such a personal attack?

I hope the public can see this for what it is

John P. Gullo II is an attorney and Fredonia resident.