Route 60: ‘Weather problem’ is everywhere

First the good news: Route 60 from outside Fredonia to Cassadaga is on the radar of the state Department of Transportation. Now, the bad news: motorists are going to have to wait until April for a smooth ride.

So at least it is being addressed quicker – and better than a “Rough road” sign – than first believed.

But Pomfret Town Supervisor Don Steger may have said it best in the article that was published Sunday. “I drive on Route 5 and Route 20; they have the same weather as Route 60,” he said. “They are not as bad of roads, so it is not just a weather problem.”

Which leads to the question: was the road damaged by a problem with plowing or is this a case of a road just quickly deteriorating faster than anyone thought?

Either way, the bumpy ride is tough for us all to take.