Presentations made to Forestville School Board

FORESTVILLE – Inspiring, competitive, special and convenient are the words to sum up the presentations given at the Forestville Board of Education meeting held in the high school library recently.

Superintendent Chuck Leichner talked about the importance of the special education program.

“The kind of work done with students and the amount of time and effort put into the program is tremendous,” he said. “I appreciate all the work you do.”

School Psychologist Lindsay Marcinelli talked to the board about the certification process when dealing with special education.

“We give the parents the steps they need to empower them on this journey with their kids,” she said. “We do evaluations, which take up to 60 days, and rate the kids on different classifications.”

Marcinelli said she develops a program to make the students successful.

“We want to come up with a plan that makes the kids successful in school,” she said. “We want the parents’ input and goals for their child; we work with them on the growth and progress for their kids.”

Marcinelli said once the program has been finalized and approved by the board, she creates a brand new plan for the students each year.

“We get a great snapshot of the child’s growth and achievements of their goals,” she said.

Marcinelli said Forestville currently has 66 students in the special education program and each child takes five hours to build a case on them.

“Our teachers are amazing, and they spend a lot of time on each student,” she added. “It is endless and impressive; the amount of time is enormous.”

Elementary Principal Daniel Grande said they are very fortunate to have Marcinelli on their team.

“She is always here burning the midnight oil,” he said. “She does an absolutely amazing job.”

Grande said he is happy Marcinelli is running the ship in the special education department.

Varsity basketball coach Ralph Jackson also talked to the board about donating rims for the elementary pupils to use in the gym for basketball.

“We did some research and found some rims that are easier for elementary kids to use,” he said. “The second graders can adjust the rims to their level and the kindergarteners can, too.”

Jackson said there were fundraisers in order to afford the rims and they will be donated to the school to use more often.

“The kids don’t have to put all their might into throwing the basketball through the hoop now,” he said.

Grande said Jackson didn’t want to lose his footing in the school.

“He didn’t want to lose touch with the school,” he said. “When we offered him the job to coach the younger kids he took it; anything to keep his foot in the door.”

Grande said Jackson told him Forestville is his home.

The board watched a technology focus group video, which promotes competition and learning.

Board member Rodney Rogers said this is something schools have been involved in for years.

“The robot wars are competitive,” he said. “It is a great move to bring our kids into it for the first time; this is a good first step.”

Budget Committee member Carolyn Robertson presented her outline for the budget meeting coming up Feb. 20 at 6 p.m.

“We are looking at several things; the budget process, the fund balance, and ask the staff about changes so we can make the proposal,” she said. “We will talk about the rollover budget, the five-year, long-term plan and the cost for next year.”

Board Vice President Carol Woodward said she appreciates the work Robertson does.

“It is a very complicated process and you do a great job,” she told her.

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