Weather hindering progress of project

PERRYSBURG – The winter weather is putting a damper on Perrysburg’s wastewater treatment plant progress.

Mark Alianello of Alia-nello Engineering, the engineering firm on the project, came to the monthly Perrys-burg Town Board meeting to provide an update.

Alianello said there has not been much movement on the project, located on Peck Hill Road, since the previous board meeting. Due to inclement weather, both the general and electrical contractors have not been able to complete as much work as anticipated.

“Nothing has really happened since last month. The weather has been bad,” Alianello said.

Alianello also said the electrical contractor, Ger-witz and McNeil Electric Inc., presented quotes for a ceiling fan, which Alianello brought to the board. Alianello suggested the town board approve a change order for a ceiling fan to regulate the temperature within the building. Due to the building’s stratification and the height, the higher levels get much too warm.

Highway Superintendent Daniel Stang described the ground floor as being in snow and the higher levels being so warm the metal rails are unbearable to the touch.

Alianello suggested a 60-inch paddle commercial fan be installed for $1,394, which will be attached to the ceiling. Members of the town board had questions regarding the expensive nature of the fan. Alianello said the project has more than enough money available and the majority of the cost will be for labor-related expenses.

“If (the fan) is going to be in there all winter, you want to have a quality fan,” said Alianello. “The project has plenty of money to pay for this. There’s almost $100,000 left in contingency.”

Councilman Lynn Varney was in favor of the project, along with other board members. He said a high-quality fan would be needed if it were to be used throughout the winter months.

“If you’re going to have something that runs continuously, might as well pay for it,” Varney said.

Alianello will prepare the change order for the board to approve at its March meeting.

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