Money driving decisions at Brooks

As a 34-year employee of Brooks Memorial Hospital, I think that our community needs to know some of the “behind the scenes” priorities that motivate the way that the hospital currently functions.

After extensive layoffs, and staff reductions through attrition, I was informed that I must eliminate another four full-time equivalent employees. This translated into seven to eight actual staff members, when you figure in part-time employees.

This directive ordered, while the human resource department, currently one full-time equivalent over budget, has added another high paid full time staff member to perform the duties that were previously executed by the vice president of human resources who is still on staff.

Brooks Memorial Hospital provides Meal on Wheels service to more than 250 local residents, and although we are classified as a “not-for-profit” organization, when asked if we are generating a profit from Meals on Wheels, my reply was “It’s a “break-even” proposition, but it’s an important community service.” Administration’s reply was “I don’t care about that, raise the price!”

There are many, many more examples of this type of management style that I can elaborate on in full detail, but space is limited. Maybe additional excerpts will follow.

Just know that the staff of Brooks Memorial Hospital are the most hard working, dedicated, caring and professional people that you will ever be served by, but the administration section only cares about your money. Believe that.

Jack Pasquale, a Dunkirk resident, is former director of nutritional services for Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk.