Gasoline truck brakes catch fire

A Crossett Inc. driver jumped quickly into action when he noticed smoke coming from his back tires on Route 60 in Fredonia Monday night.

Jon Sandberg, 27, of Jamestown was on his way to Lockport with a load of 12,300 gallons of gasoline.

“I was on the road when I saw an odd smoke coming from the back,” he said. “I saw flames starting so I pulled over and had to use two extinguishers to put it out.”

“It still kept building up so I took buckets of snow and threw more and more snow on top of it until I was finally able to calm it,” he continued. “By the time help came I was able to get it under control.”

“Thank God I was able to pull over,” he said. “I had God with me on this trip; it could’ve gone a lot worse and I feel truly blessed by God it didn’t go worse for me on the highway tonight (Monday) or I wouldn’t be coming home to my wife and kids and other people could’ve gotten hurt, too.”

Sandberg said the fireman and state police responded as quickly as possible.

“The only thing I can tell you is that it was a brake fire,” Fredonia Fire Department Second Assistant Chief John Lanphere said. “There was no other fire, thank God.”

“He (Jon) is waiting for the company to come out and fix it or transfer the load or tow it away the way it is,” Lanphere said. “With 12,300 gallons of gasoline this could’ve been a little bang.”

Lanphere said the fire happened around 7:30 p.m. Monday and is still under investigation.

“They might bring out another truck and pump the gas from this truck into another; I might be back on the road,” Sandberg said. “My company is going to come up and put this under investigation; see what started it and how it can be prevented from happening again.”

Sandberg added this is the first time this has happened to him.

“Your truck starts on fire and you are loaded with gasoline you have a million thoughts running inside your head about how bad this could be,” he said. “Fire is a whole different type of beast and it can get away from you real quick.”