Airline service carrier pulling out of Jamestown

JAMESTOWN – Silver Airways Corp, the United Airlines contract carrier operating flights out of Jamestown, has notified the United States Department of Transportation it intends to end scheduled airline services out of several regional airports, including the Jamestown Airport, by May 15.

The company cites pilot shortages, reduced passenger enplanement numbers, and United Airlines’ decision to reduce their flights out of Cleveland which is the hub serving Bradford and Jamestown.

County Executive Vince Horrigan, Director of Public Facilities George Spanos and Airport Manager Sam Arcadipane have been in direct contact with Sen. Charles Schumer’s office to examine all possible options to find a new airline service carrier for Jamestown.

“Scheduled airline service out of Jamestown is essential to support our on-going economic development objectives,” said Horrigan. “We have asked Senator Schumer’s staff to contact the U.S. DOT to immediately publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new carrier to bid on airline service for Jamestown. We have discussed different hub options which are required under the Essential Airline Service, a Federal Aviation Administration program, and our early conversations with Senator Schumer’s staff are encouraging and we remain focused on finding a new carrier.”