Dunkirk Town Board discusses moving Town Hall

There was talk about the Dunkirk Town Board moving to another building at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Councilman Robert Penharlow has been working diligently to find an option for the board.

“We have discussed in the past the possibility of owning a building outside of town, but have been told we can’t do that,” he said. “We surround the City of Dunkirk; we could use a city building.

“Sometimes the state allows things under special cases,” he added. “It would save us a lot of money if we bought a building in the city and make sure it has all the things we need.”

Penharlow even brought up the possibility of buying land on West Lake Road and building a new building on it.

“If we stay here we need a lot of things done,” Penharlow said. “The heating and plumbing as well as other things need to be fixed.”

Purol added the board will look at all the options and make a decision at a later time.

There will be a special meeting held on March 4 at 7 p.m. to discuss more business.