Enrollment up slightly at SUNY Fredonia

Full-time student enrollment numbers at SUNY Fredonia are slightly on the rise when compared to last year’s statistics.

Vice President for Student Affairs David Herman gave an enrollment report during a recent college council meeting in the president’s conference room. He was cautiously optimistic in the numbers while giving his report and compared the school’s situation to that of the slow stock market recovery experienced the past few years.

“We’re still down 140 (2.7 percent) from last year’s enrollment, but we were down 257 in the fall, so we actually gained back some of what we lost in the fall,” he said.

The total headcount for the spring 2014 semester stands at 5,017 full-time graduate and undergraduate students, according to Herman’s report.

The admissions office received 175 total deposits from 168 new transfer students and seven new first-time, full-time freshmen. That number is down three students from the spring 2013 semester.

Herman concluded his enrollment report by saying the numbers appear to be going in the direction school officials would like to see.

“It’s not going to bounce back overnight, but if we can keep maintaining our targets and improving our retention rate, which did improve this year between the fall and spring semesters, we will continue to see numbers rise,” he said.

As for the 2014-2015 academic year, Herman explained the school’s goal is to enroll 1,100 freshmen and 470 transfer students for the fall semester.

“We’re well into the recruiting process for fall. We have almost 6,000 freshman applications and we’ll eventually have a couple of thousand transfer applications,” he said. “We won’t know if we’ve reached our goal until May, when we get deposits from students.”

Herman added the college’s online social media presence continues to gain momentum and recruiting efforts are going strong both internationally and domestically. Fredonia is marketing heavily all across Western New York via television advertisements and movie theater previews.

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