Budget update given at college council meeting

SUNY Fredonia’s 2014-2015 budget is beginning to form into a cohesive document, with both “bright spots” and a “dark side,” according to one official.

Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance Karen Porpiglia provided an update on next year’s budget during a recent college council meeting in the president’s conference room.

“The governor’s budget was released in late January, and the bright spots, from the campus perspective, is that the system did not incur any cuts to our state allocation and we were given additional appropriation ($95 million across the state) for Year Four of the five-year planned tuition increase, so we have spending authority for that,” she said. “The dark side … is that we did not get funding for collective bargaining costs.”

As a result of that lack of money, Porpiglia projected negotiated salary increases will add about $1 million to the expenditure base. The college’s budget team is currently working on ways to fund this shortfall in the budget.

“We’re looking at a variety of revenue (increases), as well as expenditure reductions, to come up with that shortfall gap,” Porpiglia said, adding more information will be available at the next council meeting on May 14.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget appropriates $4.2 billion related to the core operating budgets of SUNY’s 29 state-operated campuses, five statutory colleges, 37 university-wide programs and system administration, according to Porpiglia’s report.

Regarding the current year’s budget of about $50 million, Porpiglia said the college is on target to cover a $6.6 million projected deficit using a variety of funding sources, including carry-forward and over-enrollment tuition revenue, salary savings from vacant positions, fee support and utility savings, among other sources.

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