Grant may help out Sheridan water district

SHERIDAN – The emergency in Sheridan Water District #1 is becoming a priority for Supervisor Louis Delmonte.

Delmonte informed the town board Thursday he is looking into an economic development grant to help the district out, which includes Farmingdale, Werle and Middle roads.

The district was declared in an emergency situation last month. Numerous leaks and breaks have been located in the water lines, forcing the town to consider replacing them.

“What we’re going to try and do is use the glass factory (Nulife Glass) that’s going to be opening up (here in town soon); if you have any new businesses move in, part of the governor’s incentive is to put out this grant money to get anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000 per employee of grant money,” Delmonte said, adding he found that out through Jeff Smith of Municipal Solutions Inc. and Bill Daly of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency.

According to the supervisor, that money would cover the cost of fixing the situation within the district without having to use town funds. The next step is to have a meeting with a state representative who administers the grant money.

“Right now, we’re in the process of trying to get everybody together (for that meeting),” Delmonte said.

Also during the meeting, the board accepted the resignation of Deputy Town Clerk Molly Cozad, effective March 22. Cozad, who said she will miss everyone she works with, will be moving out of state. She has been with the town for over four years.

“She’ll be greatly missed,” Town Clerk Julie Szumigala said. “She’s not only my deputy, she’s my best friend.”

Board members joked they were not going to accept Cozad’s resignation, thus forcing her to stay with the town.

Highway Superintendent Jeffrey Feinen said a dresser was found in the middle of Cook Road. The board joked how somebody “dropped their drawers” on that road.

“It was empty, but it looked like it had fallen off the back of a trailer,” Feinen said. “It’s in pretty good shape.”

A letter from the state Department of Transporta-tion was received informing the board it will look into conducting a study to alleviate drainage problems along Route 20. A handful of residents expressed concerns to the board after recent flooding.

Szumigala announced the town received a payment of franchise fees from Time Warner Cable of $14,734.

She also announced the town court received a grant of $7,271 as part of the Justice Court Assistance Program of the State Unified Court System.

The court collected $38,337 and handled 346 vehicle and traffic cases in January.

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