Councilman brings up town hall concerns

PERRYSBURG – The possible future of the Perrysburg Town Hall was discussed at a recent Perrysburg Town Board meeting. Councilman Richard Gabel brought up the future of the building and asked for thoughts from other board members.

The town could decide to fix the current building, on Peck Hill Road, or to build a completely new building. Among the complaints with the current building is needing a larger courtroom, town clerk’s office and the heating system needs to be replaced. Gabel believes the structure of the current building is OK, while councilperson Mary Stuhr believes the building needs to be more efficient.

“We need to update. It’s not 1929, it’s 2014. We need more efficiency,” she said.

The town board agreed to discuss the matter at a future meeting once the town board has had time to brainstorm and do research.

In other business, Assessor Mary Bailey will accept exemptions until March 3 due to the first of the month being on a Saturday and it was announced the town has received 245 inches of snow so far this season. The average is around 220 inches while the record from the early-1990s stands at 319 inches.

The board approved a snow and ice agreement from the New York State Department of Transportation for the 2015-2016 year to receive $73,516. The Perrysburg Fire and Versailles Fire departments, in addition to the justice and town clerk internal audits were clean and excellent, according to Supervisor Dennis Stopen. He also reminded residents all of North Road has a speed limit of 45 mph.

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