Pipe break affects hundreds of users in city

A 12-inch pipe burst around 11 p.m. Thursday, pouring water into a Main Street ditch near the corner of Greco Lane in the city of Dunkirk.

The Department of Public Works has been working hard to fix the break since it occurred.

City Mayor Anthony J. Dolce said the break is weather-related and this has been happening for the past three weeks in the city.

“It occurred on Main Street; businesses on Vineyard Drive are affected as well as many residents in the area,” he said Friday afternoon. “It is a significant break. The guys are still working on it. It is going to be awhile.”

Dolce said each of the four wards in the city is dealing with this problem. “The pipes are very old,” he said. “One section gets fixed and another breaks; we will keep on it.”

Dolce said the pipe will get fixed as soon as possible.

“I can’t give an exact time, but we are working on it,” he said.

Dolce wants residents in the area to know they can use their water if they have any.

“Some residence have low water pressure, but it is safe to use,” he said.

There was no exact number available of residents or businesses affected by the break, though hundreds of customers were believed to have been impacted.