Silver Creek appoints music teacher, secretary

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Board of Education welcomed two new employees at a recent meeting.

The board approved the probationary appointment of music teacher Brittany Nichols.

“Brittany made it through three rounds of interviews and I think she will make a great addition to the district, especially in the elementary,” Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said.

Elementary School Principal Scott Rudnicki said Nichols’ “love of learning” came out in the interviews. Nichols previously worked at Randolph Academy in Hamburg. She attended the meeting and was welcomed by the board.

Also receiving a provisional appointment as school secretary by the board was Emily Cole. Board Member Greg Cole abstained from the action. Ljiljanich said Cole was selected from a large pool of very qualified and experienced applicants and that hiring her will complete the school’s transition to the pupil personnel services office.

Director of Pupil Personnel Services Lynne Gowan said she is very please with the appointment and thinks she will work well in the position, which is 10 months out of the year.

The board also accepted the resignations of Internal Claims Auditor Joyce Jabot and Modified Softball Coach Neil John Hilliker. Allison Muck was appointed as a tutor for home instruction, Jordan Morrison was appointed as JV baseball coach and Bethanie Keem was appointed as extracurricular instrumental band advisor.

The board also accepted the bid from Jamestown Cycle Shop for softball uniforms in an amount not to exceed $3,606.

The board acknowledged donations to the Eugene Burgess Scholarship Fund.

The board also accepted a calendar change for Feb. 24, which was previously scheduled as mid-winter recess, and will now be an instruction day due to the school going over its inclement weather days. The school has canceled five days due to winter weather. Also included in this change was a half day for the elementary school on Feb. 28 and a half day on April 4 for the middle school.

Ljiljanich reminded parents of eighth to 11th graders that the mandatory parent meeting is scheduled for April 2. A letter was sent out.

Ljiljanich also reported on a false alarm evacuation that occurred Feb. 6 due to an accident by a student. He said the incident was handled well by students, staff and the bus garage. He also thanked the Silver Creek Fire Department for its quick response that had students back inside in 17 minutes.

He also reported on the 19 recommendations recently released by the Board of Regents. He said it will have little effect on the district, which will continue to work on the Common Core where it has started and will slow down where it hasn’t started yet.

The board will next meet on Feb. 26.