Curve on Route 5 deemed ‘dangerous’

The slight bend on Route 5 just past Shorewood Country Club has been deemed “too dangerous” by the Dunkirk Town Board and area residents.

Supervisor Richard Purol voiced his concerns to New York State Department of Transportation about this problem.

“I talked to Manager of Bridge Maintenance Eric Meka about Route 5,” he said. “There have been six accidents so far on that bend of Route 5; that area of the highway is very dangerous.”

Purol added this is a popular area for pedestrians.

“Residents do a lot of walking in this area,” he said. “Thankfully there have been no deaths, but we don’t want Mr. Muscato (Resident Joseph Muscato of Linwood Drive) to be the first.”

Muscato has complained about the number of accidents on or near his property and feels like no one is responding.

“No one has gotten killed yet but it could happen,” Muscato said. “I wrote a letter to the town board about this problem and never got any response.”

Muscato added he has resided at his Linwood Drive property for 15 years and insurance companies have sent him checks to pay for the damage caused by several accidents.

“We need another sign put up,” he said.

Purol said he discussed the possibility of putting up guard rails along the bend.