iPads come to Cassadaga Valley classrooms

SINCLAIRVILLE – The goal is to have an iPad for every student and every teacher at Cassadaga Valley by next year.

Eighth-grade Science Teacher Kelly Schrantz started using iPads in her classroom in October.

“Students from elementary to high school grew up in this world of technology,” she said. “They know how to use these apps.”

Schrantz uses the Prezi, Notability, Socrative, Flashcardlet, Quizlet and Brainscape apps in her classroom to help students with studying and learning the material covered in class.

“They are easy to use and generate much more interest than just using paper,” she said. “Life long learners learn from teaching themselves; they have to memorize facts.”

These apps allow instant feedback for the students and teachers can actively see when each student is finished.

High School Principal Josh Gilevski said this would benefit everyone.

“We would need 466 iPads – this would allow 20 extra in case some broke – for every teacher/student in the middle/high school,” he said. “That is our focus.”

Gilevski added the apps are free or really cheap.

“Notability only costs $2.99; the iPad software is really cheap,” he said. “To have Notability for only $2.99 just blows my mind.”

Vice President Jeanne Oag believes this is a good idea for the school body.

“It seems to allow a lot more creativity with students,” she said. “They will be more involved in the process and be thinking more; this is exciting.”

Gilevski said some of these apps can be used on student’s personal devices so they can use them from home.

Oag added this will make children more organized.

Schrantz pointed out grades have improved with these apps.

“I have noticed grades are much higher since using the iPads,” she said. “I try to make my class challenging and by doing quizzes on these iPads every couple of days kids are learning more.”

Gilevski said it helps when a student gets instant feedback and doesn’t have to wait a week to know how they did on a quiz.

Only science, math and English as a Second Language are using the iPads in their classrooms now, but the school is hoping this will change by next year.

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