City option worth look

Dunkirk Town Board member Robert Penharlow has an excellent idea. Instead of spending anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to possibly $1 million to renovate or build a new town hall, Penharlow is open to it being in the city of Dunkirk.

“Sometimes the state allows things under special cases,” he said. “It would save us a lot of money if we bought a building in the city and make sure it has all the things we need.”

Why not give it a try? Who is going to put a stop to it?

Besides, residents have heard about how inadequate the current location is and the numerous upgrades and repairs that are needed. Despite searching for years for other locations, few if any can be found as a perfect fit.

The town of Dunkirk’s population is around 1,300 residents. There is absolutely no need to spend up to $1 million on a new facility.

Area governments needs to be in the business of cutting costs. Penharlow’s city suggestion is worth serious consideration.