County Home is a ‘necessity’


John Scott’s letter concerning the County Home in the Feb. 13 OBSERVER was right on the button.

The County Home is a jewel that should be recognized by all, the less wealthy and well to do. Some things are required by necessity and the Home is one of them. Water and sewer systems are the two other things that are required by necessity. Neither water nor sewer systems are meant to be money makers, but we need them. We need the County Home.

Is the suggested purchase price of the Home fair or not? $16,500,000 sounds like a lot of money. Is it? The whole entity, land, buildings, and a working business should be evaluated same as anyone buying an existing operation in the hopes of making a profit. The buyer will no doubt look over many things to reduce cost – cut personnel, wages, and hours, all of which will affect each of the residents.

Sometime in the past, I heard or read that the suggested price did not cover the true value of the buildings and grounds. Has the Home ever had an assessed value placed on it? Just as our homes and any other business?

“Keep the county jewel.”