Silver Creek discusses storage of ammunition

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Police and its weapons have left the village, but a discussion of the department’s remaining ammunition dominated the recent village board meeting.

Mayor Nick Piccolo explained Village Code Enforcement Officer Linda DeFries-Johnson said the village needs to store its ammunition in a fire-proof safe to avoid a possible explosion in the event of a fire.

The village board was asked to vote on purchasing the safe.

“I thought we took all that to Dunkirk,” Trustee Ben Peters pointed out.

After the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office began policing the village instead of the village police department, the board was able to make a deal with the city of Dunkirk to store the village’s weapons. However, according to Piccolo, this did not include the ammunition, which is currently locked away, but not in a fire-proof safe.

Peters asked if it is necessary to buy the safe and if the village could sell the ammunition. Piccolo replied the sheriff’s department said they would buy some, but because of the caliber, they were not interested in all of it.

The department had three safes, two of which were transported to Dunkirk to hold the weapons. The third, located in the chief’s office, Piccolo said, may be too small to house the amount of ammunition the village has.

“If there is an existing safe, can we check that out before we purchase this?” Trustee Warren Kelly asked.

Attorney Dan Gard said a fire-proof safe is not required under the fire code and he does not think that ammunition will explode in a fire.

“The fire code does not require it, so the decision is up to the board,” he advised.

The board voted to table the matter.

The board also approved the purchase of a lift gate for the truck the department of public works bought from the water/sewer department. Piccolo explained it had planned to take the lift gate off the DPW truck the village sold, but it was too rusty. The $2,300 lift gate was paid for with part of the funds from the DPW truck, which sold for $4,500.

The board also promoted Eric Botticello to operator trainee in the water department contingent upon passing the Civil Service Exam. Botticello recently passed his water licensing test.

The board will meet again on March 3.