Water district dominates town board discussions

The Town of Dunkirk is looking forward to the Chautauqua County Water Agency being active in getting results for the regional water project.

During the Dunkirk Town Board meeting held Tuesday night, Supervisor Richard Purol pointed out his interest in the new organization.

“I am looking forward to this being very active,” he said. “The County Execu-tive (Vince Horrigan) was there and interested in keeping the water clean.”

Purol added that in order to keep business coming to the town there needs to be good water.

The Roberts Road project is going through the funding application process now.

“We are working to complete the funding application,” Purol said. “The remaining items are being finalized.”

Purol noted there are things the town and engineer need to do in order to get this project on its way.

“We need to provide information about residents living on the road,” he said. “We need to make a census of the area.”

Highway Superintendent Richard Butts wants residents to be aware they should stop flushing Swiffer pads down the drain.

“We had two sewer pumps down last month,” he said. “You can’t flush Swiffers; they need to go in the trash.”

Purol asked Councilman Robert Penharlow to coordinate with Butts on the sewer district and trailer park projects.