Charlotte Town Board discusses buying new trucks

CHARLOTTE – The possibility of buying new trucks came up at the recent Charlotte Town Board meeting.

Supervisor Kenneth Bochmann asked about the process to buy new instead of used equipment.

Highway Superintendent Mark LeBaron believes it will cost $10,000 for the town to buy a used truck from New Harmony.

“Due to the long winter I would like to take truck number six out of service for the winter and use this truck instead,” he said. “I would take the whole truck apart and put it back together, which would save on salt and sand.”

Bochmann voiced his concerns about this plan.

“This bothers me to consider getting extra equipment,” he said. “The extra equipment gets parked in the barn and others don’t get fixed, which causes us to keep stuff around that costs lots of money.”

Councilman Dan Pavlock wanted to know more about the roadside sweeper.

“It will cost us $15,000 for one of them,” LeBaron said. “They are really reliable and I really like using them.”

Pavlock added the town should consider a year-to-year plan when buying tractors or pickups.

“We have to keep up with inflation,” he said. “We don’t want to have to raise the capital.”

Bochmann said when borrowing you have to put the money back in the budget, which causes increases.

Pavlock pointed out the Town of Arkwright spends $2,000 for a new truck and trades it in every two years for another $2,000 truck.

The board decided it would absorb the letter LeBaron sent to it about the new equipment budget and get back to him by the next meeting.