Village of Gowanda gives brief update on SRTS

GOWANDA – The Gowanda Village Board gave a brief update on the Safe Routes to School grant at a recent meeting.

Mayor Heather McKeever said the village has been meeting with the Gowanda Central School district to discuss the SRTS grant. The village, in conjunction with the school district, was awarded $650,000 for pedestrian safety educational tools, including a walkway through the village.

“We just wanted to start the discussion,” McKeever said.

According to Deborah Chadsey, village attorney, there are some issues with the property’s title, which is along Cattaraugus Creek – the intended spot for the walkway. There had been discussion previously about transferring the property from the district to being a village-owned property. The village will continue to discuss the matter with the school.

In other business, Joseph Alessi, officer in charge for Gowanda Police Department, announced a record management system is up and running for the police department. Alessi also commended the officers of the department for their hard work on recent crimes in the village.

“Thank you to the men and women who work hard to keep this village safe,” Alessi said.

Trustee Barb Nephew was appointed as the temporary compliance officer for the police department and Trustee Carol Sheibley was approved to sign village vouchers and checks. Village residents were also reminded to keep fire hydrants clear of snow.

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