Northside Water District petition not presented

HANOVER – Although there is a time crunch, Forestville seems to have missed another deadline it set for itself to get a petition to the Hanover Town Board on behalf of Bennett State and Mixer Road residents.

Residents in the proposed Northside Water District have received water from the village of Forestville for a long time, but recently had its leaky waterline replaced.

The village borrowed $200,000 to replace the line. The village hopes to roll this cost into the greater water project it is undertaking, but to do so – or even continue to provide the residents with water – a water district must be formed.

In addition to this the clock is ticking because the final days to get the financing completed – and therefore the water district formed – are less than a month away.

The village has been handling the engineering and legal work necessary to form a water district for residents, but continues to miss deadlines it sets for itself.

The original goal was to have the petition ready for residents to read and sign at a meeting on Jan. 29. The petition was not ready and residents asked to know the costs before signing anything.

At the meeting on Feb. 20, the engineering maps were not available to complete the petition so residents could sign.

The village had hoped to go door to door to get the petition signed in time to present it to the town board at Monday’s meeting.

“At this time no petition has been presented to the clerk’s office or the supervisor,” Hanover Clerk Janine Salzman said.

Supervisor Todd Johnson said even if the petition was presented to the town board Monday, it would likely take until May at this point to have the district formed because of the time needed for a public hearing, negotiations and a permissive referendum.

Forestville Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson, who has been spearheading the effort, did not return the OBSERVER’s call Monday night.

The Forestville Village Board will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in the village hall. The Hanover Town Board will next meet on March 10.