Without appraisal, sale is ‘fraud’

This is a tale of two nursing homes. On Dec. 1, 2012, my life partner took a nasty fall in our home. He broke his left collarbone and three ribs. I called 911. He was taken to Brooks Hospital, admitted to the intensive care unit where he remained for about two weeks.

He was finally moved to a regular nursing unit room. On Dec. 18, he was forced to leave Brooks to go to another nursing home within driving distance. I don’t know how he was made to agree to this move, but I am positive he thought he was going to our beautiful County Home. He was a veteran and had worked at the County Home for 20 years. He knew what the care was like.

I won’t describe that room he was in, but suffice it to say just nine days after he was admitted, I received a phone call from a nurse there who said she felt it was necessary to inform me that John was “severely dehydrated and also had pneumonia.”

He was started on physical therapy shortly after that. He now had a cup on his bedside stand though had to ask an aide always to please put water in it.

It took me until Feb. 5 to get him out of there. I turned our living room into a patient’s room with a bed, a commode, and a walker. He had the very best of care from this Certified Nurse Aide who worked at the County Home for 21 years. John was very ill and passed away at age 78 on Nov. 1, 2013.

The County Home value was appraised to be more than $23 million. In 2009, $18 million was spent on improvements. That adds up to more than $41 million of value. Yet our legislators are willing to sell the Home for $16 million. How did the Home fall into such disrepair that it lost $25 million of value in just 12 years? It must be crumbling into oblivion.

In my opinion, the legislators who would vote to sell the Home without an outside appraisal are committing fraud against the taxpayers of this county. I am doing everything in my power to stop this sale.

Althea Davis is a Dunkirk resident.