East Town of Dunkirk Fire Department holds annual installation banquet

The East Town of Dunkirk Fire Department recently held its annual installation banquet at the fire hall.

After a prime rib dinner, Judge Priscilla Penfold swore in the officers of the department and the Ladies Auxiliary.

President of the department James Ganey welcomed AJ Ganey and AJ Nye, the newest members of the department.

Recognition was given to Ben Gloss and Lee Carter for 15 years of service to the fire department, Chris Michalak and Rob Scott for 20 years and Francis Main for 30 years of service. Susan Kupkowski was recognized for her 10 years service as Recording Secretary.

Chief Joel Biscaro then spoke about the Department. It received 264 calls this year; up from 188 in 2012. He noted that the Rehab Team was also called out 10 times. Chief Biscaro mentioned those members who frequently responded. Top honors went to Dave Burlingame with 161 responses while Richard Purol had 137, Kyle Damon 132, Francis Main 114, Jennifer Hudson-Carter 109, Chris Michalak 108, Terry Grisanti 96, and Gregory Berg 78.

Certificates were given to the following members for completing courses and training in 2013: Robert Scarino, firehouse safety; Richard Purol, starflight training and firehouse safety; Brian Purol, starflight training and firehouse safety; Ben Gloss, Mike Ganey, Janice Ganey, James Ganey, Rob Scott, Sam Piazza, Scott Pagano, Anthony Pagano and Juan Pagan, 8-hour OSHA training; Chris Michalak, 8-hour OSHA training, starflight training, and non-combustible building construction; Susan Kupkowski, starflight and paramedic training; Leonard Kupkowski, hydrogen response, technical hazmat seminar and EMS seminar; Terry Grisanti, 8-Hour OSHA training, apparatus operator-pump, wildland search and rescue and principals of building construction for a total of 55 hours of training; Jordan Cooper, Kyle Damon, Dave Burlingame and Paul Miller, 8-hour OSHA training and starflight training; Jennifer Hudson-Carter, starflight training; Daniel Berg, starflight training and 29 hours in scene support training; Gregory Berg, firefighter one, apparatus operator-pump, topic scene reconstruction, 8-hour OSHA, and fire police.

Gregory Berg had 124 cumulative hours in training, the most in the department in 2013.

The Chief’s Appreciation Award was given to Jennifer Hudson-Carter, an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty, and someone who helps “take the burden” off Chief Biscaro with the many hats she wears.

President of the Ladies Auxiliary Bonnie Purol honored Charlene Biscaro with the Dedicated Service Award for her service and hard work in the past year for the auxiliary.

The Ladies Auxiliary presented the Fire Department with a generous check from monies obtained through its fundraising efforts which included the two annual spring chicken barbecue dinners, to purchase a RAD 57 Carbon Monoxide Detector. The RAD 57 unit is crucial in the efforts of the Rehab team. It will help to detect carbon monoxide in anyone who has been exposed. Since there are only 5 machines like it in the country, it will be a great asset to the department.