Inconsistent figures said holding up petition

FORESTVILLE – The petition for the proposed Northside Water District has hit another delay.

The petition, which would form a district for residents on Bennett State and Mixer roads, was not presented to the Hanover Town Board as was previously planned.

The petition was supposed to be available for residents to view and sign at a meeting on Feb. 20. However, the engineer did not show up to the meeting with the required engineering maps to complete the petition.

“I guess there was a miscommunication between me and the engineer. He didn’t have the right time and date so he didn’t show up,” Forestville Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson said at the Forestville Village Board meeting Tuesday.

After the meeting on Feb. 20, the village had planned to get the maps from the engineer and go door to door to get signatures in time for the town board meeting Monday.

Johnson explained the delay was due to some inconsistent figures.

“It is good we found out now instead of later down the road,” Johnson said.

Although Johnson would not elaborate on which figures were inaccurate, he said the village needs to consult the Hanover Assessor for the right information.

In order for the district to be formed, signatures from property owners with 51 percent of the assessed valuation must sign the petition and then it would be presented to the town board. After a public hearing, negotiations and time for a permissive referendum, the district would be formed.

The rush to get the district formed is the goal of having the total $200,000 cost of having the waterline replaced in 2011 rolled into the village’s greater water project, which has a zero-percent interest, 30-year loan.

“We are still trying to go as fast as we can, but we want to do this right,” Johnson added.

If the district is not formed in time for the long-term financing, the bond anticipation note will need to be financed by mid-term financing, which will have a shorter payback time and interest. If the district is not formed, the village will no longer be able to supply the line with water.

At the meeting, the village board also passed a resolution to roll over the BAN on the waterline. The amount rolled over was $148,000, because the village paid $2,000 and borrowed the other $50,000 from the general fund.

Clerk James White explained BANs are supposed to be renewed every year until the BAN is financed.

The resolution explained the BAN was taken out Dec. 20, 2011 and is payable Feb. 24, 2015. It was also stated the same terms apply as the original except with a new 2.5 percent interest.

The resolution was unanimously passed by the board.

The board also heard reports from the highway and youth recreation departments.

The New York State Comptroller’s Office has been in the village to investigate the general fund and a revenue anticipation note. White said it has not completed its investigation.

The village board will next meet on March 11.