County Democrats to endorse Robertson for Congress today

MAYVILLE – The full Chautauqua County Dem-ocratic Committee will meet today in Mayville to endorse its 2014 candidate slate.

According to County Democratic Chair Norman P. Green, nominations are expected for 23rd Con-gressional District candidate Martha Robertson, a Tompkins County legislator, incumbent Sheriff Joe Gerace and a yet to be named candidate for 150th New York Assembly.

The endorsement meeting is open to the media and all county citizens interested in Democratic Party business.

“Martha Robertson will be on hand to personally ask for our county Democratic Committee’s endorsement,” Chairman Green said. “She is a dynamic candidate and a forceful speaker on the issues of concern to most Americans. I welcome county residents to attend our meeting and hear firsthand what Martha Robertson has to say. County Committee members, interested Dem-ocrats and members of the public who attend will hear first hand why Martha has made our Congres-sional race one of the most closely watched 2014 elections in the country.”

The Democratic meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. today at the Chautauqua Suites Hotel, 215 W. Lake Road – Route 394 – in Mayville.

The first day to circulate petitions for Congress is this Tuesday.

The first day to circulate petitions for Sheriff, 150th Assembly and 57th State Senate is June 3.