Lighten Up Dunkirk-Fredonia to benefit the American Cancer Society

Was weight loss one of your New Year’s resolutions? Now that spring is fast approaching, could you use a little incentive to follow through on your health and fitness goals?

If so, then you are invited to participate in Lighten Up Dunkirk-Fredonia Weight Loss Challenge. Promoted and sponsored by local businesses (and individuals determined to shed pounds before tee-shirt season), all proceeds will be donated to American Cancer Society,

Lighten Up Dunkirk-Fredonia offers the opportunity for participants to make positive and meaningful changes in their bodies, and hopefully their lives.

Join in a friendly competition, with prizes awarded for greatest percentage of weight loss, to see whether you along with others can reach your weight loss goals while helping a worthy cause.

Goals are important, and so are the journeys to reach them. Lighten Up Dunkirk-Fredonia presents one way of working to achieve your health and fitness goals now, before another season passes.

No Biggest Loser-style bathing suit or boot camp moments here. Participants can work toward hitting a goal weight alone, as many do, or in a group setting.

Simply weigh-in during one of the designated times over the March 14 weekend, and weigh-out ten weeks later, over the May 23 weekend (what you wear is your choice).

Earlier dates have also been included to accommodate college students’ schedules. Your actual weight loss goals are yours to make, but prizes are awarded for the greatest percentage of weight loss.

Weigh-ins and weigh-outs will take place at the lobby of the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk.

For information, contact Jason at 672-5800 or by email at