Ripley United Methodist Church supports WSCR

An ‘All You Can Eat Breakfast’ was held at the Ripley United Methodist Church, 84 West Main Street, Ripley to benefit Westfield Stray Cat Rescue located at 59 East Main Street in Westfield.

Pastor Craig Buelow recently presented a check for $181 to Karen Hubbard, WSCR coordinator.

Pastor Buelow said, “Over one thousand dollars has been raised in the past 6 months from ‘The Benefit Breakfast,’ which is held the second Saturday of each month from 8 to 11. The proceeds are donated to local community groups such as Ripley Fire Department, Food Pantry, Ripley Love Bear Project, Westfield Stray Cat Rescue, Kids Konxions (an after-school program) and Hospice.

WSCR thanked those who volunteered their time and expertise for this event and applauded the church for its efforts to make a difference in the community.