We want a re-vote on election

This is a letter to all voters.

As a taxpayer for more than 40 years, I read articles about studies and various remarks from our county politicians. Our present county executive served two years as a legislator and has now gotten the votes to sell the County Home.

He cannot even know how the whole county even operates after this short term. Maybe we could have another election to see if there is someone more qualified. After all, after three defeats, the fourth vote to sell the County Home succeeded. The advertisement for the “Home” stated the lowest price accepted will be $16 million. Why not more? Who set that price? Why would we accept such a minimal bid? Read the entire advertisement that states how valuable it and the property is.

What about the gas well and mineral rights? We paid for that. How much did it cost? Why was it not connected?

Let’s look at saving more money. How much money has been invested into the two airports? Another airline just quit servicing Jamestown. Well, I guess we can keep it, it’s in the South County.

How about pouring money into Chautauqua Lake? How much in just the last six years? Years ago the county bought white paint and supplied people to paint the breakwalls on the lake. They said “it was a navigation guide.” Sheriff John Bentley put a stop to that. But, the lake is in the South County. I don’t use it, why should I pay for it? Why not put money into Lake Erie?

How much money has been put into Rails to Trails? I don’t use them. Why should I pay for them?

How much does welfare cost? It should be for a specified time, not a lifetime or generations. The county does not pay my cell phone bill.

The county Legislature chairman wanted to sell the County Home because only one person from the South County is a resident there. If the “Home” has been losing money year after year, why didn’t the Legislature make changes then? It’s time for them to go also.

So, let’s recap. Why was the only bid $500,000 less? Ron Johnson said he could make the “Home” profitable. Why not revote and give him a chance?

There is another large facility going “broke” in Irving. Why didn’t VestraCare buy that? In an article of Jan. 30, the chairman states, “I think they would do fine up there.” We have had so many political remarks, even from the new county clerk. They all said the same, “they would do us good.”

This group who pushed for the sale needs to be held accountable. Are all puppets following one person?

That’s what’s wrong – “Politics.” It always costs us money and puts the taxpayer up that well known tributary without any means of motivation. Time for a re-vote and change our representation.

James L. Tytka is a Silver Creek resident and former county employee for more than 34 years.