Cassadaga to get new meters

CASSADAGA – Cassadaga Village Board is in the water business and it was announced at the board meeting Wednesday night that the future of the village is looking high tech.

Ti Sales Inc. Territory Manager Jim Pierce brought some examples with him to show the board what he can offer them if they choose to buy water meters and hand-held reading devices from his company.

The CE5320B hand-held reader can hold up to 5,000 accounts, has an antenna, can read the water meters from the vehicle, is 95 percent accurate, transmits every 14 seconds and comes highly recommended.

This device costs $6,250 and an extra $4,000 for the software.

It is compatible with windows computers and makes billing easier.

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony thought this device would make everything much easier.

“We are in the water business,” she said. “We need to get into the 21st Century.”

“It is a multi-functional device system,” she continued. “The billing and numbers are all in there; all you would have to do is punch some codes into the device.”

Pierce said the water meters should be changed every five years.

Lazarony added the major priority is to get new water meters.

Pierce said the board can pay for a one-year warranty with the hand-held device and afterward buy maintenance to fix it if anything goes wrong.

“It has to be a Neptune registered meter in order to work with the hand- held device,” he said.

Village Clerk Roxanne Astry said they would need 370 water meters for the village.

Lazarony said they are in the water business and it is time to upgrade and move on.

The Neptune E-Coder R900i is the most high- tech water meter (at $208 each). It comes with an antenna and alerts people to leaks in their home.

“This will change the way we bill; people will be happy getting accurate readings,” Lazarony said. “It is time to invest in meters.”

Pierce said if they bought 50 meters a year over a seven-year period it would cost them $10,437.

“For the hand-held device, software, and 50 meters you are looking at $20,000,” he said.

Trustee Ron DeChard added it is easier to buy 50 at a time.

“We can phase them in,” he said.

Lazarony stated they need to crunch numbers and see how much they have to work with.

“We have a little time; just finished a huge water project,” she said. “We need to crunch numbers and go from there.”

Pierce added the water meters are the critical part.

“We need to put them in; make sure everything lights up,” he said. “It would need to transmit a signal.”

Lazarony said they could get the most-needed meters taken care of first.

DeChard added afterward they could go street by street and make sure all the meters are changed.

The board wouldn’t have the money to get everything until June.

Pierce said he could get it a deal to have the hand-held device in May and pay for it in June.

Lazarony said the board couldn’t make a choice right away.

“We need to give others a chance to bid,” she said.

Pierce added they are not the cheapest or most expensive out there.