Brocton electric customers reminded of rate increase

BROCTON – Customers using Village of Brocton electric should be prepared as they receive their next billing for electric usage.

Village Clerk Karen Ardillo and Mayor Dave Hazelton remind customers that with the necessity of the power suppliers to Brocton tapping into higher cost power to keep up with demand, costs will be passed onto village customers for the March billing period.

“Our office is anticipating a lot of calls, understandably,” stated Ardillo at Wednesday night’s board of trustees meeting.

Customers will notice their increase listed as “power” on the bottom portion of their electric bill to be delivered in March.

Brocton leaders explained the reasoning behind the increased rates at their first meeting in February noting that Brocton was informed by New York Municipal Power Agency that due to the extreme temperatures this winter, electric supplies had to be obtained through higher-priced service on the market.

The village is supplied its electricity not only by NYMPA, but also through the New York Power Authority and National Grid. Ratepayers’ bills are calculated by a formula which accounts for all three suppliers and the kilowatt/hertz used for the billing period.

Prices for electricity soared to an all time high in the month of January, according to the official press release sent from NYMPA to the mayor’s office. That, coupled with the simultaneous soaring of gas prices, have caused record-setting rates to jump through the ceiling for consumers using gas and electric to heat with.

Officials at NYMPA also assured village leaders in their press release that rates are expected to even out after March, but want consumers to be aware of what has caused the untimely added expense for electric consumers.

Similar pricing trends have caused utility resources to fluctuate across the United States this winter as extreme and long lasting temperatures have gripped parts of the country. At an earlier February meeting, Hazelton noted that while it’s unfortunate that the village has to endure this jump in rates, it’s not a situation they can control.