OBSERVER plans web upgrades

Starting next week, readers will be able to view a complete edition of the OBSERVER on their computers, tablets and smart phones.

On March 13, subscribers will become members of the All-Access OBSERVER edition. Not only will they continue to be able to view our Web site for local news and photos, they will also get a digital replica of our print edition.

“As the media industry and landscape continues to evolve, we are changing with it,” said John D’Agostino, OBSERVER publisher. “Our readership, thanks to our online edition, has never been greater.”

Serving northern Chautauqua County since 1882, the OBSERVER is the area’s top source for local news, sports, entertainment and opinions for northern Chautauqua County region.

Though our newspaper has been made available online over the last 10 years through our website and mobile applications, the latest upgrade will be a new and improved complete replica of the newspaper or e-edition.

Beginning March 13, you will be able to read the entire newspaper, online, every day. Every page, every story, every advertisement, will be available to our subscribers electronically regardless of where you are located. The electronic version of OBSERVER will download to your phone, tablet or computer in a few seconds and allow you to read the newspaper in the same manner you would if you were holding the printed edition in your hands.

All OBSERVER print subscribers will continue to get the paper delivered to their homes, but will also have full access to the e-edition, and an IPad application, which will be available on March 13 as well.

After the electronic edition is launched, subscribers will only need to answer a few questions to link your digital account to your print subscription information.

Readers who do not wish to get the printed version of the newspaper can opt for a digital-only subscription to deliver both the web and digital edition to them for one cost.

Readers will be able to scan the headlines, read the stories and even “clip” out stories to be viewed later.

Non-subscribers will be able to view the beginning of each story only.

Reading the news electronically is a valuable part of many people’s day. With the addition of a digital version of the newspaper, that value is intensified.

“With our all-access edition, readers can now view our product in the format of their choice,” D’Agostino said.