NYSERDA funds local company

BROCTON – Hydronic Specialty Supply recently received funding from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority through a very competitive process.

NYSERDA Communica-tions Specialist Alan Wechsler commented on the funding process.

“Applicants were judged on a variety of merits and criteria, including how well the project meets the stated goals of the incentive program, the soundness of the proposer’s science and design, the company’s management plan, the potential customer base for the product, how realistic the proposer’s budget and schedule are, and how the project fits with NYSERDA’s general program objectives,” he said.

Wechsler explained the reason for NYSERDA’s funding.

“The purpose of the NYSERDA funding, as with most of our research and development programs, is to foster innovation by reducing the risk that businesses face in engaging in clean tech research and development work,” he said. “This funding supports Governor Cuomo’s Renewable Heat NY program, which looks to encourage the expansion of the high-performance biomass heating market and raise consumer awareness, support the development of advanced technology heating products, develop local sustainable heating markets and encourage the use of this renewable fuel.”

Wechsler added what the company’s intentions are with the funding given to them by NYSERDA.

“Hydronic will use the funding to develop a residential and commercial logwood-fired boiler with the ability to produce heat at low levels while still maintaining clean and efficient operation,” he said. “Like the other projects funded under this incentive, Hydronic’s technology, if successful, would reduce emissions from wood-fired heating equipment while increasing the amount of heat generated from this renewable resource.”