Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


SUPPORTING INTERNATIONALS – Once again, SUNY Fredonia was the site of the annual “Slush Rush.” The run is in memory of Xylia Peterson, an international student who married a local person and lived in Cassadaga for several years until she was killed in an automobile accident. Her daughter Elysia Peterson is a student at Niagara University and participated in this year’s race. Elysia thanked everyone for participating and also talked about the life of an international student. “One thing I would want people to understand about international students is how hard it is for them to be so far away from their families, and how difficult studying is with a language barrier, as well as making friends. Some students come to college with their high school friends, and it’s easy for them to make new ones, but I would encourage international students to not let those barriers stop them from studying here. My mom was an international student, and she met my dad here and then worked on this campus. Whatever students are educated in here at Fredonia, they’ll be able to bring that back home and utilize it,” she said. Well stated.

FROST BITE – Even though the lakes are frozen, that didn’t stop about 25 people with the NCCYHA Steelers Youth Hockey from jumping in Lake Erie at the city pier. Money raised went to the Frost family of Forestville, whose children, Jack, 8, and Sydney, 11, are suffering from a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anemia. It was a fun event with an important purpose.

SAVING SWANS – The state Department of Environmental Conservation recently decided to delay implementing a plan that would have killed off mute swans in the state. Residents in Cassadaga were particularly upset that the mute swans on Cassadaga Lakes would have been included. Although the plan is not dead, we’re glad that the DEC is at least holding off on implementing its plan that clearly does not have support in our area and we suspect statewide.


COMMON CORE DEBATE – Why do people get so frustrated with government? A good example is the Assembly’s passage of a bill regarding the Common Core Learning Standards to New York public schools. The Assembly spent more than four hours debating a bill that was passed but has no sponsor in the Senate. Why debate a bill for four hours if it’s not going to be considered in the Senate? Apparently elected officials want to show us all how busy they are, passing bills that will just sit and gather dust.