Pomfret water tap-in end date April 15

Time is ticking for North End Water District Phase I property owners in the town of Pomfret desiring public water to actually hook into the system.

The Pomfret Town Board set a deadline of April 15 during a recent meeting for inspections to be done as part of Phase I. This resolution affects about 50 properties in the town where services are ready to be hooked up, but an internal plumbing inspection has not yet been scheduled.

“Because of our contractual requirements of getting the project done in a timely manner, as well as our contractual requirements with the contractor for it to be completed by a certain date, we want to get this wrapped up and get the restoration completed,” Wendel engineer Robert Klavoon told the board, adding the contract will be up mid-May.

If residents desiring public water do not schedule their inspection by April 15, a $250 connection fee will be assessed. Those desiring to set up an inspection should contact the town clerk.

“Right now, these water hook-ups are part of the project,” Wendel Corporate Vice President Gerald Summe explained. “It’ll be a cost to the individual after that; they’ll have to pay their own money to get it done.”

Wendel engineer Lauren Glose said the inspector will ensure there is no connection between existing well plumbing and the new potable water system. The inspector also has the water meters to be installed and will inspect the trench between the building foundation and the road.

The board also approved a Phase I change order for additional rework done when installing the West Main Street meter pit, as well as the $96,600 Webster Road pump station that will address low water pressure around that area.

Klavoon said the pump station should be installed within the next few weeks.

Wendel was also authorized for a contracted payment of $8,900 for the financing and hardship applications for Phase II of the water district.

Also during the meeting, Supervisor Donald Steger announced planning board member Gail Clark has retired (as of Jan. 27) after 15 years of service to the town. Her resignation was accepted with gratitude.

A serial bond of $100,000 for a loader off state bid was approved. The loader is not to exceed $147,700, as per a separate resolution. The remaining $47,700 will come out the highway equipment fund and $39,900 made on the sale of the old loader.

A lease renewal with Forest Lodge No. 166 F. & A.M. for use by the Fredonia-Pomfret Grape Belt Seniors was accepted. The town will pay $550 per month for the space. The lodge will be responsible for snow removal.

The assessor’s office was allowed to use $9,100 in grant money to replace computers and file cabinets and create a server backup.

Four people were appointed to the Agricultural Advisory Committee, including Daniel Pacos as the planning board representative, Brett Christy as the town board representative, Robert Smith as the farming/agribusiness representative (term ending after 2015) and James Joy (term ending after 2016).

A $5,000 retiree health insurance buyout for a former town clerk was approved.

The next meeting is Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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