Eagle pictures from our readers

Since the article about eagles printed on February 20, the OBSERVER?has received a number of photographs of bald eagles.

The magnificent birds have generated a lot of excitement in the area.

Lenore Jakiela was at the Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club when she saw the eagles. Luckily she had her camera with her and managed to get several pictures, including the one at the top of the page.

Dan?Kohler, who often provides pictures of emergencies, sent in the close-up shot next down.

Bob Peterson’s “older” picture shows a group of eagles in the harbor area from several years back

Judy Thompson managed to get a close-up in the Sheridan area.

She wrote, “I have always hoped to photograph a bald eagle, but never imagined it would happen right here, along Lake Erie.

Thank you to all our talented readers for submitting pictures.