Disappointment over Home sale

Legal issues

are possible


Is the sale of the Chautauqua County Home legally justified?

By the law of 1824, supervisors were compelled to fund by taxes the Poor House, later changed to the Chautauqua County Home. Inasmuch, as the county legislators took over after the supervisors, don’t the legislators have to fund the Chautauqua County Home and not still sell it to buyers?

Has the County Legislature a valid deed for the Chautauqua County Home? The only deed available is for the land and the buyers of the land are listed as Chautauqua County and Chautauqua Welfare, not the County Legislature. Who does own the Chautauqua County Home, since welfare is from the state?

Does the state rather than the County Legislature own it?

When the kind-hearted Henry Lesch donated the land as seen by the deed, he intended that it was to be for the Chautauqua County old and needy forever and not sold for profit.

There is a risk of a class action legal suit against the buyers perhaps in the future because of these unanswered questions.


Chautauqua County Home resident

Legislators OK a gamble


I was at the County Legislator meeting on Feb. 26. I helped Joe Carrus move his wheelchair.

Legislator Dave Himelein tried to cut me off when I tried to bring up that the county government could afford to pay for the Batavia Downs gambing casino in Genesee County, even though it claimed it couldn’t afford to pay for the care of Mr. Carrus.

That’s right. A Batavia casino.

Then I later learned how sly our politicians can be. Only after the County Home sale vote happened, and most people left, did the county government give the deputies union a retro-active pay raise. Imagine the reaction of the gallery if that had been done in reverse order.

During the week of the Home sale vote, Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency executive director Bill Daly appearred on south county right-wing radio station 95.3 FM. Daly told host Ryan Heddrick that 200 employees (of the Home) were “territorial,” “organized,” “gone after legislators” and “got in their face.” Oh, this is the Rush Limbaugh station. Clearly Mr. Daly was demonizing the County Home workers.

According to Jamestown Legislator Fred Larson, the $16 million should be used for Start-Up New York projects. This is probably the real reason that Jamestown Community College, which is tied to county government, purchased hundereds of acres of Roger Tory Peterson land across Curtis Street.

We can’t afford to pay the Home workers, but we can afford to give private businesses government money, because it might help to create jobs. Huh?