Landowners and Gas Well Interests and Concerns members hear about fracking

RIPLEY – The basics of natural gas hydrofracking was the topic of Sunbelt Landowners Group attorney Mary Heydu at a gathering of Landowners and Gas Well Interests and Concerns members at Papas restaurant on East Main Road, Route 20, Ripley.

Heydu explained that the existing Medina sand formation wells in Chautauqua County are vertically fracked in a 40-acre plot for each well.

In contrast, horizontal fracking into the much deeper Marcellus and Utica shale involves drilling one well per square mile (640 acres) with subsequent protrusions sideward into the particular formation. Consequently, horizontal fracking creates considerably less disturbance to the landscape as there are fewer well sites.

Heydu continued to reflect that the positive effect of natural gas drilling would include increased lease and royalty revenues as well as improving the roads and bridges in affected areas. Further, she stated the corresponding activity would greatly enhance employment opportunities throughout the region.

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