Park it!

For many years, members of the Westfield/Mayville Rotary Club have volunteered to park cars during Mayville’s February Presidents Weekend Festival. This year was no exception when quite a few Rotarians braved the cold to make sure all visitors found the right spot to park their vehicles. One who endured the freezing weather was Diana Hamann of Westfield (above) in the middle of Saturday afternoon. Rotarian Sue Hammond was in charge of signing up volunteers for parking detail. Rotarians who consented to face the cold were Dave Travis, Don Dowling, Doc Hamels, Ben Spitzer, Luci Petrella, Dan Smith, Janet Greene, Carl Hamann, John Sowa, Doug Richmond, Jim Wakeman and, of course, Sue Hammond and Diana Hamann. After the busy weekend, the Mayville/Chautauqua Chamber of Commerce thanked the Rotarians with some of the parking proceeds.