Silver Creek works on budget despite unknowns

SILVER CREEK – The village of Silver Creek is working toward a budget, but still has many unknowns.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said the board has started meeting with department heads for the budget process and needs to find a day to meet with its accountant before March 20, when the first budget draft needs to be presented.

Piccolo previously stated the village’s contingency funds have been depleted and a tax hike is expected in the 2014-2015 budget year because of a Department of Environmental Conserva-tion consent order at the sewer plant and Federal Emergency Management Agency funds not reimbursed from the 2009 flood, with a bond anticipation note from this coming due this year.

Trustee Warren Kelly said he would like the board to consider making Ralph Crawford Highway Superintendent. Crawford has served as interim superintendent and foreman since 2005.

“I think the position should be management, it should be salary. I think the village can save a lot of money by doing this,” he said.

The board did not take action on this.

The board authorized the clerk to advertise for bids for garbage service. Although the village’s current contract ends in July, the board would like an idea of the price for budgeting purposes.

The board also approved the contract with Young Explosives for $3,000 to hold the Independence Day fireworks on July 3 with a rain date of July 5.

After an executive session, the board also decided to amend the appointment of Eric Botticello as full-time water operator, contingent on him taking and passing the civil service test offered this month.

S. St. George Enterprises Inc.’s bid for repairs of the water leak on Route 5 and Tew Street was approved pending approval from the Environmental Facilities Corporation of minority and other required hiring practices. This bid came in much lower than the other bidding contractor. The leak is located under Route 5, making it difficult to reach and repair.

Piccolo reported there was a problem with letters recently sent to residents about the installation of water meters. He was informed after the letters were mailed that the contractor will not be in the village in March and so the deadline to make appointments will be moved until April. Another letter will be sent out to residents.

Village Historian Sue Chiappone was given permission to apply for a grant for updates to the dining car.

The board will next meet on March 17.