Area students compete in annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference

ALFRED – Approx-imately 900 students from Region I Board of Cooperative Education and Services districts, encompassing Western New York and the Southern Tier, competed in the 25th Annual SkillsUSA Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics March 4 at Alfred State.

The winners of this regional competition will advance to the next level at the Oncenter in Syracuse, where all six regions in New York State will meet to attempt to qualify for the national competition in Kansas City, Mo., in June. A postsecondary SkillsUSA state competition will also take place on the Wellsville Campus on March 29.

Skills tests ranged from advertising design to welding to restaurant services. Alfred State faculty, staff, and students judged the competitions, and contestants from the following schools attended:

Genesee Valley (Batavia); Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont; Lakeshore/ Carrier Educational Center (Angola); Charles G May Career-Tech Center (Mt. Morris); Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES, Coop-ers Campus (Painted Post); Edison Tech (Rochester); Eastern Monroe Career Center (EMCC) (Fairport); Ellicottville CTE Center; GST BOCES Pauline Bush Campus (Elmira); Harkness Career and Technical Center (Cheektowaga); Hewes Educational Center (Ashville); Kenton Career and TechnicalEducation Center (Tonawanda); Lo-Guidice Center (Fredonia); Niagara (Sanborn); Olean CTE Center; Orleans Career and Technical Education Center (Medina); WD Ormsby Educational Center (East Aurora); Potter Career and Technical Cen-ter (West Seneca); Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES (New-ark); WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center (Spencerport); and GST BOCES, Wildwood Campus (Hornell)

An awards ceremony honored the following winners:

Action Skills

Marcus Sample, WEMOCO, 1st

Ryan Kelly, Lake Shore/Carrier, 2nd

Taylor Pietruszewski, WEMOCO, 3rd

Advertising Design

Dereke Winsor, Olean, 1st

Bailey Simone, Niagara, 2nd

Malachi Norwood, GST Bush, 3rd

Animal Careers

Halle Ferstead, Finger Lakes, 1st

Amelia Stahowiak, WD Ormsby, 2nd

Justin Bulega, WD Ormsby, 3rd

Auto Body Helper

Bruce Martin, Coopers, 1st

Kyle Gasbarre, EMCC, 1st

Norberto Flores, WEMOCO, 2nd

Auto Service

Tim Charlebois, Finger Lakes, 1st

Robert Walker, WEMOCO, 2nd

Riley Plummer, GST Bush, 3rd

Auto Technology

Ryan Frawley, EMCC, 1st

Cody Bartz, GV Batavia, 2nd

Zach Sanderson, Hewes, 3rd


Manufacturing Technology

Robert Schimshack, Niagara, 1st

Jacob Farmer, Niagara, 1st

Gunnar St. Onge, Niagara, 1st

Matthew O’Connor, Niagara, 2nd

James McAdam, Niagara, 2nd

Derrick Orszulak, Niagara, 2nd

Colby Habermacher, WEMOCO, 3rd

Jamison Mullen, WEMOCO, 3rd

Kevin O’Connell, WEMOCO, 3rd

Carpenter’s Assistant

Rob Moore, WEMOCO, 1st

Gage Harrison, Wildwood, 2nd

Angelena Leder, Niagara, 3rd


Tyler Miller, Wildwood, 1st

Aaron Miller, Wildwood, 2nd

Sean Quinn, WEMOCO, 3rd

Collision Repair

William Melnikow, EMCC, 1st

Timothy Wysocki, WD Ormsby, 2nd

Brandon Ellis, LoGuidice, 3rd

Commercial Baking

Katie Boyce, EMCC, 1st

Ariel Johnson, WEMOCO, 2nd

Jessica Clave, Niagara, 3rd

Computer Maintenance

Marcus Lee, Hewes, 1st

Austin Buck, Coopers, 2nd

Cody Elliot, Lake Shore/Carrier, 3rd


Jacob Webster, Hewes, 1st

Austin Heschke, Niagara, 2nd

Corey Fuller, Niagara, 3rd

Cosmetology Jr.

Alanea Drayton, EMCC, 1st

Trinity Milliman, Orleans, 2nd

Jana Pagano, WD Ormsby, 3rd

Cosmetology Sr.

Brooke Stansfield, GST Bush, 1st

Gabrielle Davis, GST Bush, 2nd

Brianna Alaimo, EMCC, 3rd

CPR/First Aid

Alyssa Posner, EMCC, 1st

Justin Desabrais, Niagara, 2nd

Aaron Mackenzie, Niagara, 3rd

Criminal Justice

Shelby Barber, Coopers, 1st

Tom Rose, Ellicottville, 2nd

Otaysha Townsend, GST Bush, 3rd

Crime Scene Investigation (Three-Person Teams)

Finger Lakes, 1st

CG May, 2nd

WD Ormsby, 3rd

Culinary Arts

Phil Hamphries, GST Bush, 1st

Kieran Riley, Niagara, 2nd

Julie Collins, Coopers, 3rd

Custom Painting & Graphics

Jessica Parment, Hewe, 1st

Rebecca Bell, Potter, 2nd

Katelyn Davies, LoGuidice, 3rd

Diesel Mechanics

Luke Anderson, Niagara, 1st

Eric Weinheimer, Niagara, 2nd

Cody Wick, Niagara, 3rd

Early Childhood

Ashley Arsenault, Niagara, 1st

Courtney Westberg, Ellicottville, 2nd

Alissa Connolly, Orleans, 3rd

Electrical Construction & Wiring

Ryan Niedermeir, Potter, 1st

Justin Westmoreland, Niagara, 2nd

Nick Bliek, Wayne, 3rd

Electronics Technology

Andrew Gelyon. Orleans, 1st

Brian Borkholder, GV Batavia, 2nd

Zach Pigarski, Orleans, 3rd

Employment Application

Marlaina Grasso, EMCC, 1st

Hallie Hoad, Coopers, 2nd

Hailey Born, GST Bush, 3rd

Extemporaneous Speech

Brianna Pichey, Niagara, 1st

CJ Saindy, EMCC, 2nd

Brittany Antoniw , GST Bush, 3rd

Food Prep Assistant

Elizabeth Fabiano, EMCC, 1st

Jamie Laudero, Niagara, 2nd

Molly Groves, WEMOCO, 3rd

Health Knowledge Bowl (Four-Person Teams)

Orleans, 1st


Niagara, 3rd

Job Demo A

Teanna Morano, Hewes, 1st

Deana Sample-Trumble, WEMOCO, 2nd

Arthur Renteria, Niagara, 3rd

Job Demo Open

Matthania Volmy, Niagara, 1st

Caroline Woodward, Harkness, 2nd

Lindsay Dingman, Lake Shore/Carrier, 3rd

Job Interview

Tamin Martin, Niagara, 1st

Frank Dorcely, WEMOCO, 2nd

Samantha Wendling, Orleans, 3rd


Gay Boh, Edison, 1st

Connor Clyne, Edison, 2nd

Kyle Lacy, Wildwood, 3rd

Nail Tech

Angelina Maine, Olean, 1st

Gabriella Sanjurjo, Model, 1st

Christopher Fuentes, Potter, 2nd

Melissa Wirfel, Model, 2nd

Brittany Smyth, WD Ormsby, 3rd

Sarah Rodriquez, Model, 3rd


Lea Polizzi, EMCC, 1st

Blanca Burns-Morales, EMCC, 2nd

Tyler MacDonald, Belmont, 3rd

Power Equipment

Logan Robinson, Wildwood, 1st

Jacob Phillips, Coopers, 2nd

Mark Frase, WEMOCO, 3rd

Precision Heavy Equipment

Connor Rombont, WEMOCO, 1st

Graig Lewis, Wildwood, 2nd

Kevin Schwartz, Wildwood, 3rd

Precision Machining

Nick McIntyre, Hewes, 1st

Alex Murphy, Orleans, 2nd

Joe Fellenz, Finger Lakes, 3rd

Prepared Speech

Megan Smith, WEMOCO, 1st

McKenzie Penque, Niagara, 2nd

Ashley Bower, Orleans, 3rd

Quiz Bowl (Five-Person Teams)

Potter, 1st

GV Batavia, 2nd


Related Technical Math

Wyatt Wolf, Niagara, 1st

Tariq Hudson, WEMOCO, 2nd

Brittany Nemec, Lake Shore/Carrier, 3rd

Restaurant Services

OV Molina, Niagara, 1st

Dylan Maychoss, GV Batavia, 2nd

Emily Roumpapas, EMCC, 3rd

Small Engines

Lewis Benjamin, Wayne, 1st

Edward Buchanan, Coopers, 2nd

Kevin Kishel, Niagara, 3rd

T-Shirt Design

Adena Smith, WEMOCO, 1st

Darius Weaver, Edison, 2nd

Jitiya king, Edison, 3rd

Technical Drafting

Maxwell Poeller, Niagara, 1st

Taylor Miller, Ellicottville, 2nd

Andrew Weber, Ellicottville, 3rd

TV/Video Production

Ryan Hayes, GST Bush1st

Taylor Perez, GST Bush, 1st

Zachary Wilber, Olean, 2nd

Tess Wolsky, Olean, 2nd

Kevin Whitney, Wildwood, 3rd

Richard Devine, Wildwood, 3rd


Daniel Inman, Wayne, 1st

Gary Mullen, Wildwood, 2nd

Joshua Buss, LoGuidice, 3rd