Next step

The next step in the development of the Chadwick Bay Marina will take place today.

A public hearing, conducted by the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency will be held at 10 a.m. in City Hall to hear input from interested persons on a request from developer Jeff Gambino for assistance from the CCIDA.

According to a legal notice published in the OBSERVER, Gambino is seeking help for the project in terms of potential exemptions or partial exemptions from sales and use taxes, mortgage recording taxes and real property taxes, but not including special assessments and ad valorem levies.

The notice also states the CCIDA will receive some things in the process.

The acquisition of an interest in the approximately three acre parcel of land located at 30 Central Ave.: an approximately 12,600 square foot expansion and renovation of an existing approximately 900 square foot building located on the land and potential driveway, parking, landscaping and related improvements to the land.

In addition, the acquisition and installation therein and thereon of certain furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment, all of the foregoing for use by the applicant as a tourism destination facility, is also in the notice. The notice also states the project facility – the marina – would be initially owned, operated and/or managed by the Gambino or such other entity as may be designated by Gambino and agreed upon by the CCIDA.

Bill Daly, CCIDA chief executive officer, said the city’s legal standing will not be diminished.

“The city basically owns the property, (Gambino) leases it from them. The city is in favor of the project,” Daly added. “This is the preliminary, this gives them nothing, it’s just a public hearing. People come to a public hearing, we don’t respond to any questions. People who know about the project, or read about the project, they can come and comment on the project.

“It’s not a give and take. People can come in, make their comments relating to the project outlined in the notice of a public hearing.”

The city currently owns the land the marina is on, and will still own it if the tax abatement is granted, according to Daly.

“What happens is for the tax abatement, it comes into us in what they call a nominal title. In other words, it’s only in our name for the things we abate,” he explained. “Property tax, sales tax, mortgage recording tax if there’s a mortgage on the property. This is all really the building.”

According to the legal notice, anyone wishing to review the copies of the application, including an analysis of the costs and benefits of the project, must go to the CCIDA offices at 200 Harrison St. in Jamestown. Daly explained that was due to advice from the agency’s legal counsel.

Daly said the hearing would be transcribed verbatim, with letters also being accepted. CCIDA board members then get copies of the transcript.

While Daly noted that most hearings have no one come, “this is in City Hall in Dunkirk, so usually Dunkirk people come to public noticings and public hearings.”

In October, Gambino told Common Council that under a best-case scenario an opening would not occur until spring 2015 at the earliest for the proposed 17,000 square foot building, nearly $1 million project.

Mayor Anthony J. Dolce was asked for comment on the project’s progress.

“It was a few months back the administration and council worked very hard to clear any hurdles that were needed to send this project moving forward,” Dolce replied. “We’re looking forward to seeing what Mr. Gambino does timeline-wise and that. I know there’s a few things he’s working on. We remain optimistic to see this project come through.”

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