J.T. Elementary School students take part in ‘100 Mile Club’

Lake Shore’s J.T. Waugh Elementary School has participated in three seasons of the “Girls on the Run” program looking toward the fourth beginning at the end of March. The program offered girls in grades 3-5 to join a team, which taught life skills and prepared them to run a 5K as the grand finale to the fun filled, high-energy season.

As the girls were learning and running, boys of J.T. Waugh requested a similar program. In October 2013, the “100 Mile Club” was started for the boys. The program is based after the National “100 Mile Club” program started in 1993 by Kara Lubin, with life lessons added to help the boys grow socially and emotionally not just physically.

As of March 5, the group of 16 boys has compiled a total of 1,127.69 miles as each individual boy worked toward their personal goal of 100 miles. Teamwork has been key to reach this massive number of miles with boys supporting and encouraging each other. The boys will participate in “The Boys on the Right Track 5K” on April 8, in Hamburg to close the season.

During each program, the support from Lake Shore Varsity sports has been amazing with the Girls’ varsity soccer and girls’ varsity cross country teams making time to not only run with the girls, but to be positive role models sharing how being active in school makes you a well-rounded student. The boys did not miss out on this opportunity as the Boys’ Varsity Cross Country came to run with the boys and also offer words of wisdom of how to be successful in the future.

Paula J. Eastman, principal of J. T. Waugh, is the head coach for both programs, but would not be able to offer them if it wasn’t for the volunteers who assist. Jeff Sills, Monica O’Connor and Laurie Schultz all staff members of Waugh dedicated their time to getting this program started.