Silver Creek cars moved as flood precaution

SILVER CREEK – A NY Alert was sent out near 9 p.m. Tuesday warning residents of Rix, Oliver and Dana places to move their cars to higher ground.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said the village has asked residents to do this as a precaution and that the waters were not rising at 9:30 p.m.

Piccolo said the county had been contacted and was sending an operator to the village to alleviate some of the ice jams on both Silver and Walnut creeks.

“It is jammed down by the boat launch and the railroad trestles. We hope to open the channel down there. … We think the water is moving under the ice but we don’t like it that the ice has jammed,” he said.

He said the rainy and warm weather has the village on alert of the possibility of flooding.

He added the expected cold snap could slow down the flow of water but at 9:30 p.m. temperatures were still in the 40s.

There were no reports of flooding before press time.