Collins town park shelter on hold due to bankruptcy

COLLINS – The Collins town park shelter has hit a bit of a delay. The contractor has filed bankruptcy, according to Supervisor David Tessmer. Tessmer said he and town attorney James Musacchio spoke with the contractor’s attorney.

“They’re out of business,” Tessmer said.

Tessmer said he went to the site to see if all the equipment was still there, but it was hard to account for all the steel under the snow.

Of the $11,000 project total, the town has already paid about $8,700, Tessmer said. He is hoping another contractor will be able to finish the project and has asked one who previously worked for the town to make an itemized list of items which still need to be completed. He is hoping the remainder of the work can be completed and paid for with around $2,400 that is left in the project funding.

“I’m hoping it can be a wash if we can find someone,” he said.

The town board asked Tessmer if the town park shelter would be completed prior to the Liberty Fest held in summer. Tessmer said “come hell or high water” the shelter will be built in time for the annual celebration that takes place around theFourth of July holiday.

The town board also approved Brian Gernatt as a temporary town justice from March 28 through Dec. 31. He will be paid at a pro-rated salary of $14,500 for the year. The town board also approved Wing’s LLC to complete renovations in the town hall basement through the justice court assistance program. The town was awarded $2,500 through the JCAP grant, and the town will pay the remaining $450 balance. The board also passed a resolution in opposition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tax freeze legislation.

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