Villenova friends meet in Florida for picnic

On February 14 the 12th annual Villenova-Valentine Picnic was held at the pavillion on Walk-In-Water Lake in Indian Lake Estates, Florida. Hosts Phyllis and Lynn Butcher and Roberta Stearns greeted 44 guests arriving from all over Central Florida to enjoy the social event. There were a few new faces as well as many who have attended most years. One bit of sad news was the death of Virgina Brown.

Hot dogs were ready around noon and the food kept rolling in. The buffet was delicious. The group gathered for a meeting to introduce everyone with a summary of emails the organizers had received. The group put Dennis and Pat Hills, Bob and Pat Killock, Bob and Sandy Morlock, Marlene Ecker and Marshall Brown in our thoughts. The group enjoyed many laughs as guests told stories of their experiences

Those attending included: Barb and Ken Mosher, Dave and Sue Ivett, Larry and Janet Waite, Norm and Janet Stafford Kerns, Clyde and Marge Conklin, Patty McNeil and Augie Dhayer, Hig and Joan Nobles, Diane Emke and Rich Sandy, Glenn and Jan Scott, Bill and Peg VanWormer, Terry Rogers, Ray and Edna Smith, Charlie and Carol Buisch, Skip Gens, Rich Howard and Sandy Howard Roundtree, Gary and Pam Ackley, Austin and Marion Nobles and Clarice Beaver, Diane Beaver Eldridge, Emma Eldridge and children, Gerald and Berdena Merril, Jo and Jeff Beightol and Don Clement.

Florida had experienced a light frost the day before but the day started with sunshine and was very delightful.

The group plans to meet on February 14, 2015 at same location.