‘Strong belief’ brings hope

First I will quote some definitions from Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary: Atheism – the belief that there is no God. Christian – a person who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings of or relating to Jesus Christ. Dogma – something considered as an established opinion, a belief or body of beliefs concerning faith or morals laid down by a church. Dogmatic – expressing opinions very strongly or positively as if they were facts of, or relating to dogma. Doctrine – something that is taught a principle or the principles in a system or belief. Church – a building for public worship and especially Christian worship for an organized body of religious believers for public worship. Intolerance – the quality or state of being intolerant exceptional sensitivity. Intolerant – unwilling or unable to endure unwilling to grant equality, freedom, or other social rights (bigoted).

I am writing this in response to a letter published in the OBSERVER on Feb. 1. The author of that letter stated that atheism “isn’t dogmatic.” What else would “a strong belief that God doesn’t exist” be?

You said that you “have never met an atheist who is opposed to their beliefs being questioned, doubted, or insist they are authoritative.” Read the writings of atheists: Michael Martin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawkins (now being seen in church) and of course the late Christopher Hitchins, just to name a few. If you want to watch a Hitchins debate go to the NRB network. NRB is a “Christian” network.

You also said that I made fun of atheists because I oversimplified the big bang theory. What do you want me to say? Again, how can you make anything with such precise order from something that is being blown apart? Again, where did the gases and ignition come from? Scientists don’t want to say that for the big bang to have happened, someone had to create it. You might want to catch up on your science.

With the discovery of DNA and how complicated it is, many scientists now believe that there is an intelligent designer; but they don’t want to call him God.

Many have already left the Darwinian theory because of all the holes in it. You also wonder why I used the “lake of fire” or “hell.” I used both terms to show a non-believer the options God’s Word, the Bible, gives. It may not scare you; but the awful reality of hell that is taught in the Bible and by Jesus, breaks my heart because so many are unsaved. We are both going to die, and then we will find out who is right.

If I am wrong, I lose nothing. If I am right, you lose everything including your eternal soul. I am not self-righteous as you say. I am a sinner saved by the grace of God through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. You don’t want to believe it, that is.

The Bible says not everyone will be saved.

What does aggravate me is the people making fun of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. It is a “Christian’s” job to defend the faith. It is not his job to slam it down someone’s throat. Even Jesus said if the person does not want to believe, then move on to someone else, giving them the opportunity to trust Jesus as Savior.

What saddens me about non-believers is that they have no hope after death. When I see someone’s dead body but knowing they were a true believer, I rejoice because I know they are happy in heaven.

I don’t judge even if the person was an atheist because I do not know if they accepted Jesus as their Savior just before they died. If you know the Bible story of the thief on the cross, at the end of his life he accepted Jesus as his Savior and is now spending eternity with Jesus. God gives you time up to your last breath on earth to trust Jesus to save you and forgive all your sins. If you read the definitions again, even though we are on the opposite sides of the fence, they fit both of us.

Tom Kubera is a Dunkirk resident.