Silver Creek avoids another potential flood

SILVER CREEK – Despite ice jams, water levels stayed down in Silver Creek late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Tuesday night, residents of Rix, Oliver and Dana places were advised to move their vehicles to higher ground. Mayor Nick Piccolo said this was a precaution because of the warm and rainy weather.

He had said Silver and Walnut creeks were experiencing ice jams. The county was called and sent over a track machine and operator to clear a channel for the ice to pass.

Piccolo said once the channel was opened by the boat launch, the water has continued to flow.

“Water never went over the banks. Our Streets Supervisor (Ralph Crawford) said we should call in the track machine, just in case. It was a good call,” Piccolo said.

Piccolo said this is the fourth close call for flooding in the village this winter and he is hoping for a gradual thaw into spring. He also thanked the county and all of the village workers who helped clear the ice and monitor the water levels.