More ice jams in Silver Creek

SILVER CREEK – Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo informed the OBSERVER Thursday night that the village was once again experiencing ice jams.

Piccolo reported the ice had jammed from the ball park to the mouth of the creek and water had flowed over the banks into the ball park. He said it had yet to reach the road and no notifications had been sent out to residents by press time.

Piccolo said the county track machine had been dispatched at 5 p.m., and was working to dig the ice out of the creek to allow water to flow and retreat from the ball park.

By 9:30 p.m., Piccolo said the water had not receded.

He said he believes the thaw on Tuesday before Wednesday’s storm caused the ice to shift down stream and jam.

This is the fifth possible flood event reported in the village of Silver Creek this winter.